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Basketball hoop disturbs students

By Evgeniya Ruseva

October 6, 2003

RAs will ask players to stop

Students cannot study and rest because of the noise from the basketball games between the two residence halls.

?It is quite noisy indeed and disconcerting all this thump-thump. After the beer-pong they played until as late as 1am,? complained student Iana Andonova.

From her room, as well as all the other student rooms facing the allay between Skapto I and Skapto II, the basketball games can be clearly heard.

Senator Alexander Vasilev said, ?It [the effect of noise] is like a doubly surround system now. The disturbed are many and the players few. After all, we are not a university offering sports scholarships.?

Only three senators supported Vasilev?s opinion at SG?s last meeting.

Student Services Vice President Lydia Krise explained that the hoop was moved from its previous place in front of the Skapto I main entrance for safety reasons as the players were staying in the middle of a street. Also the land across Skapto I main entrance is not AUBG property.

?Right now there isn?t any other place where to put it. But I hope we can work it out, it is not an insoluble issue,? Krise said.

One solution Krise and SG came up with is that students can ask the players through RAs to stop playing. During quiet hours basketball games are not allowed.

Krise appointed Sports Director Jason Nedelchev to look for a better place for the hoop.

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